Coaching is a creative and co-collaborative process. As a life transitions coach, I serve as a creative resource for threshold experiences. I provide mindful listening and questioning, compassionate care, and the wisdom of process skills towards change. I strive to encourage each client to cross the thresholds of change towards wholehearted living.

My job as your coach is to provide witness, listening, help you identify your own personal power tools, and resources in support of your movement through watershed experiences. Life transitions can feel huge. And hard. Some come with grief while others invite our attention to changes we feel called to make. A coach is an asset as you move through these experiences. I can provide you with education, tools, resources, and support that will enhance your journey and growth.

As women, we experience seasons of change across our lifetimes. From caregiving for small children to empty nesting to caregiving for parents or partners. Work-life transitions arise too – while retirement from a long career may be looming, you may also find yourself longing to continue meaningful work in another way. Aging also involves layers of loss; death losses and non-death losses abound. Divorce, the death of immediate family and long-time friends, a diagnosis, circumstances that are touched with grief. Experiences draw us into seasons of transition and change where reflection and redefining are predominant themes. Again and again, we focus our attention on questions about how we can live a wholehearted life. A life transitions coach is an excellent resource and sounding board for navigating change as we age.  

An initial conversation is an excellent way to learn more about me as well as the coaching experience. During our 20-minute call we will explore what you are considering and how I might support your process. We will learn a little about one another to make sure that our collaboration is aligned with your needs and desires. We can consider the co-creative process that coaching offers and how it might serve your life transition. 

Please note that coaching is not counseling. Rather it is a present-focused, companioning approach to clarifying your vision for wholehearted living. Often clients work with both a therapist and a coach to maximize their growth experiences.

Perhaps you find yourself in the choppy streams of a watershed moment. Or maybe you are downstream in the messy aftermath. A life transition coach is a resource for navigating the muddy, turbulent waters of your present circumstances as well as revealing your vision for the future.

One-on-one coaching sessions through Watershed Moments Coaching can assist you in regaining a sense of stability. Coaching is a co-creative process. Together we will explore your watershed moment to reveal unfolding values, changes you desire, and strategies for gaining strength and momentum in your transition. We will build momentum toward wholehearted living. As your coach, I will provide confidentiality, encouragement, accountability, education, and resources that can serve your desired outcomes. We can choose to work together on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. You can determine what fits best for you. I look forward to planning our collaboration with intention, vision, and a desire for a wholehearted living!

Life Transitions Coaching in packages of 12 weeks or sessions. This is a cost-effective way to invest in yourself during a watershed season. A 12-session package is available for $120/session or $1440 for the entire commitment. Ask me for more information about using a package strategy for coaching in the weeks ahead. 

With more than 30 years of public speaking and presentation development experience, Deb offers custom workshops, presentations, and trainings to meet the needs of diverse audiences.

A gifted storyteller, Deb has presented a wide variety of educational content throughout her career. She brings presentation and education skills, expertise, and knowledge about content such as grief in the workplace, grieving congregations and communities, and health wellness and loss. Deb is a creative, dynamic speaker with a track record of personalized programming to meet the needs of diverse audiences of all ages.

Deb is available for custom presentations in support of those who are mourning, seeking recovery after loss or exploring wholehearted living.