Recent years and events have left many people questioning their own place in the world. Losses abound and for some, this is a time of redefining and reflection on what is most important now. The changing times, all the losses of recent years and the present moment in our culture and world are a call to be clear and intentional. A call to be clear and to focus on living a wholehearted life.

Our initial conversation is an opportunity to experience a sip of what it’s like to participate in coaching. During our 20-minute call we will explore what you are considering and how I might support your process. We will learn a little about one another to make sure that our collaboration is aligned with your needs and desires.

Please note that coaching is not counseling. Rather it is a present-focused, companioning approach to clarifying your vision for wholehearted living. Often clients work with both a therapist and a coach to maximize their growth experiences.

Perhaps you find yourself in the choppy streams of a watershed moment. Or maybe you are downstream in the messy aftermath. A coach is a resource for navigating the muddy, turbulent waters of your present circumstances as well as your vision for the future.

One-on-one coaching sessions through Watershed Moments Coaching can assist you in regaining your stability. Coaching is a co-collaborative process. Together we will determine the areas in which you would like support and encouragement. You will identify values behind your goals, and I will assist you in setting specific, measurable targets for your vision and long-term desires for healthy living. As your coach I will provide encouragement, accountability, education, and resources that can serve your desired outcomes. We can choose to work together on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. I recommend committing to 6- or 12-weeks of collaborating towards your coaching goals. You can determine what fits best for you. I look forward to planning our collaboration with intention, vision and a desire for wholehearted living!

Significant life losses can leave us feeling ungrounded and uncertain. Death losses, divorce, the loss of a job and many other losses can feel completely unsettling. Who am I if I’m not a wife, daughter, sister, or mother? Who am I if I’m not the working person I once was? Loss touches so many areas of our lives and it is not meant to be traveled alone.

While we are grieving, we are also challenged by unexpected tasks. Tasks that can leave us weary and wondering – making decisions on our own, facing new, never handled challenges, or simply surviving on a day-to-day basis. Finding a sense of peace and comfort can be challenging when there are so many things to keep track of.

We can handle all the elements of our new post-loss circumstances, but we don’t have to handle them alone. Instead, a companion – a coach is trained in supporting those who mourn, can shed new light on the challenging experience in which you find yourself.

This 12-week program provides clients opportunities to reflect, to unleash reserves of resilience and to discover renewing and fulfilling strategies. Working with a coach who can support these processes will help you tap into your own creativity, resilience, and inner resources for discovering your way back to wholehearted living after loss.