Recent years have brought waves of significant losses. Too many to name, they beckon for attention. Our losses are sometimes like a wild rabble tugging on our sleeves. Whatever the losses, they may need caring companionship to decrease their intensity.

As a creative grief coach, Deb practices a model of companionship. She honors the feelings as well as the emotional, physical and intellectual challenges that come with death and nondeath losses. Whether you are tackling the process of ending a marriage, serving as an executor for a Will or are surprised at the hints of grief in even the happiest events, she offers kind listening and encouragement, inspiration, grief related resources, and strategies for juggling the many impacts of loss.

Together Deb and her clients navigate the currents of change. Deb taps into creative tools and resources for exploring and honoring grief while supporting clients in claiming a new future.   

It is important to note that coaching is not therapy. As a coach I am responsible for staying focused on your immediate situation and needs. Together we will explore ways to move through life’s transitions. As your companion for navigating watershed moments, I come alongside you to encourage, offer a listening ear for visioning, and applaud your success. If we should decide that you need therapeutic or counseling support in our work together, I will assist you in finding a therapist who can meet your needs.