Watershed moments can challenge and affect our overall health and wellness. Change challenges the practices we may have done to stay healthy. Sometimes when changes are fast and furious, our own individual health care can take a back seat to more important needs and decisions.

While counterintuitive, staying focused on our overall health and wellness can bring us closer to wholehearted living in stressful times.  Collaborating with a health, wellness and grief coach can support you as you move through significant life changes and challenges.

Coaching is a creative and co-collaborative process. Deb is a mindful listener who will begin where you are and tend to and nurture your vision for where you’d like to go. Her job as your coach is to provide listening, tools and resources for accomplishing your vision and goals, strategies, and accountability. Deb will offer all these resources in the framework of regularly scheduled coaching sessions.

Reach out to Deb to set a 20-minute exploratory virtual conversation. Deb will bring her care, creativity and passion for empowering others to the call where we will determine if we are a “fit” for coaching together. From that session, we will decide how to move forward, determining the number of times we’ll meet a month and the structure needed to support your success.