Watershed Moments Coaching

Navigating turbulent life changes

Life comes at you fast. No more so than in recent years. These past years have been filled with high stakes, fast moving decisions and challenges – watershed moments. Recent events combined with personal events have left many reeling under the weight of loss and change. Because grief is a full-body experience, it affects all aspects of our health and wellness. Grief invites us into to re-evaluation and reflection on lifestyle, meaning and purpose. Loss has triggered deep questions and personal exploration.

Deb Brandt | Watershed Moments Coach

Steering through watershed moments takes intention, fortitude, endurance, and a ton of energy.

As a Watershed Moment Coach, I companion clients through change with mindful listening, creative encouragement, accountability, and brainstorming support. Together we become co-collaborators as you identify your vision, purpose and intentions for the days, weeks and months ahead. We talk through possible barriers to progress, identify concerns and explore needs and desires. We set accountability markers, identify supports and meet at a pace that suits your needs and budget.

With resources that include education, information, encouragement and support, you will succeed in stepping into the next season of life renewed, organized and inspired. Watershed moments can be difficult. And they can be maneuvered with grace, dignity, integrity and courage. Watershed moments are places of change and forward momentum.

Watershed Inspirations

From Undone to On Track: Embracing Change

With so many things happening in the world, in our communities, and in our own lives, it can be hard to focus. Our attention is pulled in different directions. Our hearts are sometimes undone by it all.

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Holding Grief Lightly: Embracing Life’s Losses

I’ve been thinking lately about the ways in which I’ve come to understand the necessity of holding grief lightly. The world and our daily lives are filled with losses. Losses that are personally profound, heartbreaking, wild, and unruly. 

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Reimagining Summer

Do you remember returning to elementary school after what seemed like an endless summer. Perhaps your new teacher asked you to write or speak about what you did over the summer months.

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Investing in yourself is an excellent way to honor and expand your watershed moments into a new vision for the future.