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With so many things happening in the world, in our communities, and in our own lives, it can be hard to focus. Our attention is pulled in different directions. Our hearts are sometimes undone by it all.

This is particularly true during seasons of change. Even when we’ve felt the inner nudge to make the change, to move in a new direction, to take a leap of faith, it can be challenging to hold a sense of peace in the midst. 

While it may feel awful to feel that undone, it may also be important to pay attention to that feeling. 

What about your process feels undone? Uncertain? Difficult? What about it feels like the next right step in a long series of steps towards the new life you have desired or are creating out of changes? 

In your journal or on a piece of paper, write about what feels undone. Take your time and capture as much as you can about this sense of undoing. Be specific. Write notes that no one will ever see – tell your own truth in this very moment. 

After you’ve written as much as you can, step away from your pen and paper.  Spend time doing something else – take a walk, stretch, listen to music, read, take a nap, or phone a friend. Use this time to step away from what you’ve written but also to step away from all the thoughts and feelings you were having. 

Release your own self-judgment and criticism about feeling undone or out of control.

After your intentional intermission, return to what you wrote. Read through it with soft eyes. See your thoughts and notations as kindly and gently as possible. Ask yourself if what you’re focused on is true. Will your circumstances last forever or are they part of a bigger process? Gently connect with what you are curious about in this season. What are you learning? What would you like to learn? 

Feeling undone can be helpful. Perhaps there are some things that you can release in this process. 

Emotional or physical things you are holding on to…that even need to be let go of. What would happen if you did the counterintuitive thing and let go – temporarily or even permanently? 

If this resonates with you, let’s chat!​

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