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According to liminal spaces are like thresholds. They represent times of transition, in-between places in which we find ourselves waiting. They can be actual physical spaces or emotional and spiritual seasons of change. 

Liminal spaces can feel both exciting and uncomfortable – something has changed in our lives and something else is yet to become clear. 

Perhaps the change has been longed for or long awaited. Anticipation may have driven the longing for what is to come. It can come as a surprise when the change is at our door, and we feel something else. Something like curiosity or perhaps a tiny bit of dread. Or feelings of vulnerability, fear, doubt, and uncertainty. Feelings of grief and loss may be a big part of the process too. 

It’s helpful to remember that feelings are information. 

Feelings are a resource of liminal processing. They help us begin to sort through what has been, to honor grief when it appears, and to begin to discern a sense of direction for the future. Feelings can connect us to spiritual nudges that may be pointing us in new directions. 

On the threshold of something new, it can be tempting to rush forward. In the discomfort, to jump in and seek a quick resolution. It might feel easier to set aside the dream in favor of a more comfortable position. It can also be tempting to go back – to return to what you’ve decided to leave – to step back into the old way of doing or being. 

Sitting in the discomfort of a liminal season can also be very fruitful. 

Instead, you may challenge yourself to wait. Look around, observe what you are feeling, notice what is good. Even if you didn’t choose this liminal space, it is an invitation to reflect, consider, check in with your own desires. 

It can feel counterintuitive, but your liminal space is an opportunity to slow down. Instead of rushing to “fix” your liminal space you could seek restorative practices that support healing the past and digging deeper into the present. Moving your body, napping, journaling, making art, spending time outdoors, sitting in silence are all practices to seek out in your liminal season. If your liminal space is work related, consider taking a bridge job – something that will provide necessary income but will also give you a chance to be outside the box! 

Liminal space is the perfect place for radical selfcare. 

You can view this season of change with soft eyes for yourself. You may discover something entirely unexpected and new by living deeply into the liminal. 

Share your experience with liminal spaces and how you navigate them in the comments.

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