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Find the joy in relocation transitions.

Recently I watched via social media as friends and acquaintances have made significant life transitions.

Some have moved across the globe while others have made decisions to relocate to another U.S. state.

All have relished the adventure and mystery of their transitions. 

Some friends left communities in which they’ve lived and worked for more than one decade. They’ve accepted exciting job opportunities, have chosen to move to experience a new place and all it has to offer or have relocated out of necessity.

What I’ve noticed most of all about these transitions is the thread of curiosity that runs through their experiences. 

Each individual or family has embraced their new location with a spirit of curiosity. They’ve posted stories of attending local events, visiting, and exploring locations throughout their new area, appreciating different weather patterns, and much more. 

Their lives, although disrupted in some ways, have also been enriched from the transition. 

Watching their experiences has inspired my own curiosity. Not only about the place I currently live but about places I might like to live in the future.

What is there to learn about myself and my world by living in a different place?

Leaning into change with a heart for learning, staying curious and giving oneself and others grace seem to be great tools for making significant life changes like relocating. 

If you’ve relocated, what were some of the lessons you learned? 

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