You are currently viewing A woman in harmony with herself is like a river flowing. – Maya Angelou
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I live near the White River in Indianapolis, Indiana. I cross it on my drive to and from the grocery. I regularly walk a trail with two bridges across the river. I’ve watched the river in all seasons…when it becomes a roaring, rushing torrent swollen, brown and fast moving after rain. Whole trees get caught in the river and flow downstream. They catch on the bridge abutments I cross in my car or on foot. Sometimes those trees become stuck and force the river to flow around them. Other debris catches there too including boats that have become unmoored. I’ve also seen the river ebb with summer heat and long dry spells. Nothing about the river seems to stay the same. The river keeps flowing.

Over the last two years we have been unmoored by events swirling around us. Sometimes it can seem as if whole trees have washed into our personal rivers. Some days the rivers of our life are a roaring, rushing torrent. Other days are calm, soothing…in the flow of life.

I have kept my eyes tuned into the river’s flow. The river’s flow has been my muse for reflection, change, movement. Through the river I’ve had the opportunity to consider the flow of my life. What is upstream waiting to come down is never visible. What has poured past me on the river’s energy has moved on. There is nothing to hold on to except the river’s flow itself. The river has its own seasons as do I.  Only in the present moment are the river and I together.

The river has invited me to consider the season I’m in now. The present moment. Influenced by the past two years as well as watershed moments of the past few years. All inviting me to flow differently. The flow of the river, the watershed I live near has provoked so many questions, opportunities and decisions.

How can I continue to flow in the face of the world’s brokenness? How can I contribute to the energy of movement, flow, change? Can I refrain from getting snagged, caught up, stuck? Can I be in harmony with myself and use my gifts and talents to participate in the flow of our human challenges in this season of my life? Can my losses be part of my healing and flowing now? The river redefines itself every day. Every. Single. Day. The river, like many things in nature, teaches me about handling my own watershed moments.

Perhaps you find yourself in an unexpected watershed moment. Things haven’t gone as planned. The unexpected is the new normal. What you choose to do with your unexpected is up to you. Working with a health, wellness and grief coach can help you redefine yourself for this particular season of your life.  As a co-creative team, we will explore your top values, consider those that no longer serve you and begin to navigate towards smoother waters.

If you would like to know more about collaborating with me, email me at to schedule a free 20-minute consultation. During that time, we will explore how coaching might serve you, begin considering the elements and qualities of our collaboration and define the next steps for our work together.